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Dhirja and Sandipan Gangopadhyay

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Dhirja and Sandipan
Dhirja and Sandipan

Welcome to our home online.

Our family's websites are all integrated here.

Thanks for visiting!

- Dhirja and Sandipan

About Our Home On The Web

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This site is divided into a few different pages. The Site Map will provide you with an overview of the outline.

The contact page provides details on how you can get in touch with us. Some pieces of information need passwords for access.

This site is auto-generated by our Python site generation software and is integrated with our Python album software.

Where is the album

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The most popular page on the site is the photo / video album. The album is now at the Multi Media | Digital Photographs page. Please click Album to go there directly. The album reflects our family's latest activities and updates. Each album appears in both contact sheet (thumbnails) and slide show formats.

Some of our favorite photographs appear in the banner of these pages. You can click Banners to go to the Banners page in the MultiMedia section to learn more about these banners and see all of them. You can mouse over a banner to see its caption and click on it to see a new one randomly selected for you.

What is new

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We have introduced new slideshow software. It is still going through some look and feel adjustments. It runs through client side javascript, runs on PCs, Droids, and iPhones. It is completely backward compatible and so, it has been implemented across all the existing 1,300+ albums. Feedback is greatly appreciated!


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